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Bronllys Well Being Park (CLT) Ltd Member

Mrs Linda Hughes

Personal Statement

Introducing board member Linda Hughes.  
“I have worked in financial administration for regional, national public bodies and in private business. I started in Banking and then moved into financial administration at managerial levels. This included working for our local health board at Bronllys Hospital for a considerable time. Following on from this to work for the MOD based locally and covering the whole of
 Wales. During my career I have also worked for commercial enterprises and run a rural business. I am currently a Community Councillor for Bronllys and Llyswen, work with Brecon Dial-a-Ride and the Llyswen Village Hall Committee. Working as a councillor I am well aware of the resources that our community says it needs for its well-being.
In essence this is enhancing what our Community Hospital offers with an encircling Well Being Park. Such a community asset will be crucial in these cash strapped times.

I am a member of the Board to work on the Well Being Park delivering for our communities benefit. I work for the Well Being Park to ensure, jobs, really affordable housing and care facilities that our community needs keeping Bronllys Hospital at its heart. Bronllys (CLT) Ltd proposals offer resources and will stop value being asset stripped from the area, keeping the benefit for locals”