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Welcome to Bronllys Well Being Park

Join your local Community Land Trust now and help create a groundbreaking well being community around Bronllys Hospital.

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Bronllys Well Being Park – Office Closure

With careful consideration, we have taken the decision to close our office at the Bronllys Hospital for the time being.

Administration and Project Development will be continued by BWBP staff working from home.  If you would like to speak to anyone at the BWBP please contact Jacqui Wilding (07725 111799) in the first instance and she will
re-direct you as appropriate.

Look after yourselves and stay safe.



The purpose of Bronllys Well Being Park is to create and deliver a ground-breaking community asset which is inspired and owned by local people. It will complement and enhance Bronllys Hospital itself through the sustainable development of housing, transport, work and leisure opportunities, as well as a range of well being facilities for the entire community.

The Story So Far

Based on Garden City principles, Bronllys Well Being Park Community Trust has been established to enable the development of an inspirational park for our Mid-Wales communities, with Bronllys Hospital at its heart.

Owned by the local community, it will provide sustainable and genuinely affordable housing and transport, work and leisure opportunities; health and well-being amenities in support of the existing Bronllys NHS hospital.

We intend to make it possible for people to live close to their place of work so that local job vacancies can be fulfilled, the community can function effectively, and local young people be given an opportunity to remain in the area should they wish to do so.

What is CLT?

Community Land Trusts are not-for-profit local organisations set up and run by local people to develop and manage local assets like land, that is important to the community, A CLT takes a long-term view, working to ensure that genuinely affordable homes and other facilities are available to current and future generations of local people. There are over 170 CLTs in England and Wales.

Who is Involved?

Each CLT is run by local people for the benefit of the local community. There is a national CLT network providing advice and resources, while the example of the other successful CLTs helps start-ups to develop plans with confidence.

How Will Bronllys WBP CLT Work?

CLTs may work directly or with partners like housing associations, to provide homes and other social facilities at affordable prices. They might take advantage of redundant land for new-build, support self-build projects or refurbish existing buildings, but will always retain the long-term right of ownership for the benefit of the community into the future.

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Message from Jacqui Wilding, BWBP Chair:

We wish to thank you for your attendance at our AGM 26th May 2020, it is heartening we remain able to progress despite the situation we find ourselves at this time. 

Your valued time, input and support is much appreciated and we hope our efforts will reap rewards with the development of a beautiful, community Well Being Park CLT. 

All of the reports and our housing feasibility study can be found here on our website.